2022 SPRING

    To color comfort.
    Color your life with comfort.

    Four Nines' creation that can be described by its admirable design,
    is the outcome of the everlasting pursuit towards quality.

    Glasses are tools that spend your time together.
    That is why, true comfort is an unwavering factor that attract people.
    Comfortable glasses will uplift your scenery with additional highlights.

    Life with...

    The scenery added with brightness makes your heart feel even light.
    Enjoy your life filled with color together with Four Nines.

  • M-75
  • M-110
  • M-95
  • SP-24
  • “To feel sunlight with comfort.”

    Other from 999.9 optical collections, Four Nines develops sunglasses.
    We introduce “999.9 feelsun” sunglasses under its main concept,
    “To feel sunlight with comfort.”

    For many of you, sunglasses may be an item to protect you
    from the glare of sunlight or from the UV.
    However, sunlight by nature is something which cannot be taken
    apart from our lives.
    Promising its obvious function to protect you from UV,
    999.9 feelsun enable prescription lenses to be fitted and provide
    pleasant comfort through design and function.
    Moreover, we introduce sports collection from 999.9 feelsun
    to provide pleasant comfort to all sunglasses
    user who play outdoor sports and even to professional athletes.

    • F-03NPM
    • F-04NPM
    • F-35NP
    • F-36NP
    • F-37NP

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