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M-114 series is a continuation model of M-100 series which explores Four Nines quality at a more global approach. This is a combination style that incorporates a plastic rim into a metal-based frame structure. The frame balance shaped with the original Gyaku-R hinge and the synchronization of the different material of plastic and metal enhances its fine texture. It is a model that delivers the visualization of functions and quality achieved at a foremost level towards the world.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Function and Quality

    The front is composed of on an integrally molded metal brow bar that enhances durability, incorporated with a plastic rim. The brow bar that peeks 0.5mm over the richly textured plastic rim creates a beautiful harmony of the plastic and of the metal that can be observed from the details applied. It is a front style that presents the craftmanship of Four Nines’ creation.

  • Feature 02
    Position which enhances the effect of Gyaku-R hinge

    The Gyaku-R hinge, supported by the optimal front environment responds effectively and releases the stress that is applied during use. The repositioning of the Gyaku-R hinge more towards the front on the rear surface of the metal brow bar maximizes its functionality, which effectively wraps and hugs around the head over a long distance at the best comfort.

  • Feature 03
    A prime metal look that stretches from the front towards the temples

    A common decorative lined pattern furnished from the front of the frame to the sides of the temples highlights the sharp impression of the metal, while adding a sense of unity with an exquisite look.


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