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M-140 series is a distinctive soft rim style that harmonizes the different material of plastic and metal. It is a mix frame catered for women that can be worn naturally with a soft impression. The front is a cross structure of metal half rim nylon and plastic rim, and the metal temple is designed with a division at its center. Above its elegant style, the functions catered to women are fully furnished with comfort.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    The two front designs with a gentle impression

    The front design of M-140 consists of hexagon style and M-141 consists of round style. The compact frontal silhouette gently brightens women’s facial expression.

  • Feature 02
    Original front structure based on metal half rim

    Despite its half rim construction, the durability of the front is ensured by brazing the rim and the bridge from two angles of the lateral and the rear dimension. The metal rim is composed using a full rim specification. A strong yet slenderest silhouette of the mix style is fabricated by configuring a bevel on the top portion of the plastic rim and by creating a nylon groove on the bottom portion of the plastic rim.

  • Feature 03
    Temple design that combines functionality and decoration

    The metal temple designed with a division at the center is composed with a flexible front portion that releases the stress and the back portion that retains its wrapping silhouette to effectively hug around the head. The decorative mill grain pattern that stretches from the front endpiece towards the temple brings out the sophisticated expression of the frame.

  • Feature 04
    The perfect blend of clear tone plastic and the metal part

    The color tone is carefully selected with a clear tone plastic and a metal color that closely matches, generating a perfect blend on the face. The lens shapes consisting of a hexagonal and a round design fabricates a gentle impression. The sense of unity that emerges from the attention to detail brings a new look to the soft rim style.


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