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M-67 series

M-67 series is a sirmont style that seeks higher quality in both functionality and design, realized by the repositioning of Gyaku-R parts that symbolize Four Nines. By placing the Gyaku-R parts further towards the front while concealing their presence inside the endpiece, an outstanding wearing comfort and a smart design are achieved. It is a modern sirmont style that creates connections with more audience through its expression of sophisticated design and its pursuit of functionality

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Gyaku-R parts that creates the ideal frame balance

    By placing the original Gyaku-R parts closer towards the front, a wide range of motion can be created on the temple with a minimal reaction at the hinge. This construction, while ensuring comfort and flexible frame environment, minimalizes the stress applied on each part without disrupting the temple silhouette that wraps around the head. This ideal frame balance is an outcome of an improved functionality.

  • Feature 02
    Sophisticated design born from the pursuit of functionality

    The repositioning of the Gyaku-R hinge minimalizes its impression creating a seamless look from the front towards the temple. It represents a sophisticated and smart design.

  • Feature 03
    Workmanship that enhances the quality of the product

    A common lined pattern is applied on the simple outline of the bridge, front endpiece and the temple. The linear and sharp impression of the metal and the rich texture of plastic. The perfect blend of each different element fuses down to the finest detail to create a sophisticated style.


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