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M-77 series

M-77 series is a ladies’ collection with a perfect blend of splendid plastic and sophisticated metal bridge. The outcome of thoughts and efforts delivered to each single parts are its admirable comfort catered for women in the most beautiful form. The two front designs of boston and oval styles lifts up and brightens women’s’ impression gently and softly.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Original front structure elaborated with stability

    The front durability is ensured by embedding the metal bridge into a capturer grooved on the rear surface of the plastic rim. The screws from the front secures the bridge to its position while at the same time serving as a decorative accent, and the pin behind, integrated with the nose pad arm ensures further stability. The two points fabricate a stable front environment, preventing loosening at the bridge.

  • Feature 02
    Comfort fabricated with the U-shaped parts and the beautiful streamline towards the temple

    The U-shaped parts catered for the women's collection harmonizes functionality and elegance while effectively releasing stress during use. The temple that stretches from the U-shaped part draws a natural streamline creating an ideal frame balance that wraps around the head with a supreme comfort.

  • Feature 03
    Combination style that creates a prime adorable style

    A decorative part is applied on the front end piece and a mill grain embellishment is furnished on the surface of the temple. The decorative part on the front endpiece colored in gold or silver are applied with a resin finishing layer. The decorative details furnished throughout the frame adds accent and glamorous to its style, where the harmonization of the gentle impression of the plastic and the sophisticated impression of the metal enhances its gorgeous style.


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