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NP-160 series

NP-160 series applied with a cutting procedure on the upper rim together with a TV cut design on the inner diameter of the rim creates a strong and impressive three-dimensional look with depth. The details and precision given to each metal parts further enhance the completeness of the frame. Based on the honor of 999.9 feelsun F-50NP series, it has been developed as an optical series with a new color. It is a series made with the highest purity of quality that reaches to the audience waiting for a new value to their eyeglasses.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Detailed cut process that enriches the front expression

    NP-160 series is available in two front designs of boston and wellington. The cutting procedure applied on the upper rim together with a TV cut design on the inner diameter of the rim creates a three-dimensional and a voluminous presence. It is a new front style that reaches to audience seeking for new value.

  • Feature 02
    Gyaku-R hinge that embodies Four Nines quality

    The Gyaku-R hinge, an iconic function that symbolizes Four Nines’ quality supports the prominent presence of the front. The two screws from the front secures the hinge to its position while also serving as a decorative element. The reinforced front enables Gyaku-R hinge to work at its optimal performance while creating an ideal frame balance. This Gyaku- R hinge improves the value of the plastic frame with impeccable comfort.

  • Feature 03
    Presence of the metal parts with outstanding texture

    The details given to the texture and the quality of the metal parts stands out against the presence of the front and the temple. The slim and slender temple core applied with a mill grain embellishment adds a sophisticated impression, which greatly enhances the completeness of the whole frame.


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