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NP-615 series

NP-615 series further expands the range of development of NP-60 series, a core model of Four Nines’ NP (Neo Plastic) categorization. A new front style that goes beyond the previous trends, thereby widely delivers Four Nines’ functionality and quality, building a stronger interconnection with more audience.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Additional designs to standard front style

    In addition to the past trend of wellington and square design, three new front designs of a boston and round are introduced to the continuation of the NP-60 series. The size and the balance of the frame are refined retaining the classic plastic appearance. Despite its powerful presence on the front, a cutting procedure added on the rear surface harmonizes the total impression of the frame to a volume easy to dress.

  • Feature 02
    NP category unique to Four Nines

    NP is Four Nines’ categorization that integrates the metal elements into a plastic frame to overcome the entire drawbacks of the conventional plastic frame. The flexible environment concentrated at the Gyaku-R hinge prevents the frame from distortion and deformation. Moreover, the original adjustable nose pad allows precise adjustment to be practiced providing a perfect contact on the bridges.

  • Feature 03
    Decorative part that enhances the texture

    Decorative metal parts made of stainless for gold color and titanium for silver color are applied on the front endpiece and the temple, where the color is selected to match the plastic frame color. The decorative metal parts accentuate the overall atmosphere of the frame enhancing its elegance.


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