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NP-740 series

NP-740 series is a plastic frame for women that harmonizes the soft impression of plastic with the refined impression of metal. U-shaped parts, an original function designed exclusively for women's frames, provide an ideal frame balance while enhancing its decorative finishing. It is a series attiring a slender silhouette that brightens the impression of the women wearer.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Front style that fits for all

    NP-740 series consists of two popular styles of boston and oval. The extremely smooth and simple front styles create a gentle look that is easy for any woman to wear.

  • Feature 02
    U-shaped parts that create the best frame balance

    U-shaped part which creates the best frame balance bridges the elegant front towards the temple. It releases stress during use and provides an outstanding wearing experience, while at the same time enhancing its feminine look through its decorative details.

  • Feature 03
    Original nose pad arms

    While creating a three-dimensional impression at the front by protruding the bridge, the rear surface is cut flat to ensure the stability of the original adjustable nose pad when embedding the basement into the plastic. The plastic front finished with its slenderest possible thickness enhances its elegance while ensuring a wide range of adjustment at the nose pad arm.

  • Feature 04
    Decorative metal temple core and the plastic temple

    The slender metal temple that stretches from U-shaped part harmonizes with its sleek design on the front. The temple core furnished with a mill grain embellishment enhances its aesthetic impression when combined with the plastic temple.


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