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P-13 series

Every day will change, with PLAIDe.

The admirable comfort that you’ll forget of wearing it.
The unparalleled frame balance.
The original PLAIDe lens that optimizes your vision with further clarity.
No more misalignment. No more fatigue.
Welcome to a world of endless comfort.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    A comfortable frame for digital lifestyle in a prolong use

    A high-spec frame that delivers an ultimate performance during the long hours of gaming and work. The injection molded front enhances lightweight and the β titanium temples provide an admirable comfort that you will forget of wearing them. All front styles suitable for both private and business scenes are perfect for any occasion. PLAIDe improve the aspect of “seeing” in our modern digital lifestyle.

  • Feature 02
    Temples that is always comfortable

    An elastic β titanium is used for the temples. This creates an outstanding comfort together with the lightweight front. The 0.7mm thin temple and the 2.5mm thin temple endtip ensures a large surface of contact around the head when worn. This slim temple and endtip designs ensure a comfortable fit when wearing the glasses together with a headset. The well-calculated temple design which prevents deformation and negative warpage on the front provides an excellent comfort in a prolong use. The temple designed with practical details demonstrates their true value in any situation.

  • Feature 03
    Comfortable nose pads and end tips

    The nose pads are made of a soft resin that improves its feel and fit. The end tips made of rubber enhances grip creating a magnificent comfort.

  • Feature 04
    “Ultra-low reflection coating” that creates optimal performance of the display through the minimization of reflection

    Light emitted from the displays such as smartphones, PCs and gaming screens not only reflects light from the front but can also cause a disturbing factor by causing a glare behind the lens. PLAIDe lenses are coated with an exclusive low reflection coating to minimize reflections on the lens surface. It adopts a special grey tint of 10% concentration which suppress specific wavelengths that boosts the color contrast enhancing the clarity of the display while maintaining the true natural color of the vision.


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