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S-03T H series

Functionality, design, and quality that Four Nines has cultivated. S-03T H series, the second edition of the High-end lineup is now unveiled further refining and achieving the highest level of all aspects. It is a series in a metal sirmont style which adopts Four Nines’ unique layered bridge structure. S-03T H series creates an optimal and stable frame balance by concentrating its functional gimmick around the bridge, while working in conjunction with the temples designed with a hugging silhouette to wrap around the head. Its sophisticated appearance made with detailed construction, gives it a unique presence and a superior expression, a style befitting a high-end model.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Four Nines' original function, layered bridge structure

    The face bridge secures the lens, and the inner bridge connects the brow bar to the temple. The front structure is composed by these two parts crossing at the front. The inner bridge made of βtitanium reacts effectively releasing the stress when worn. The lens is secured away from stress by positioning them at an independent environment from the flow of stress. Moreover, it’s half rim based construction ensures the frame to be highly responsive to different lens curvature.

  • Feature 02
    Ideal frame balance

    Layered bridge structure, which places the flexile portion at the most frontal area of the frame at the bridge, creates an ideal frame balance that efficiently wraps and hugs around the head using its whole body. This composition creates a wide range of motion, such that the temple effectively wraps and hugs around the head yet with the minimal movement at the inner bridge. At the same time, in any case where an excessive stress is applied on the frame, the temple works together with the front to reduce distortion and damage.

  • Feature 03
    A sense of quality that pushes Four Nines to a next level

    The frame is made up of parts that are subdivided further, given additional attentions and exquisite workmanship down to the detail. The iconic block-pattern found in the High-end lineup are furnished on the front endpiece, further enhancing the completeness of the frame. It is a supreme style that embodies the highest level of quality that Four Nines represents now.


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