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S-698T series

Four Nines’ basic category reaches to many audiences. Despite its simple configuration centered at the twin bridge, S-698T series acquire Four Nines quality and the best frame balance in its metal half rim style. It is a series that delivers Four Nines’ outstanding quality in its simple yet versatile style that is easy to coordinate regardless of scenes and occasion.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Twin bridge that enhances front durability

    S-698T series consists of a half rim metal style. Despite its half rim style, the front durability is ensured with the twin bridge construction. The twin bridge construction assembles bridge made of pure titanium and β titanium together, brazing the rim from the front, lateral and rear dimension. This ensures front durability while facilitating it to withstand stress from multiple directions. The three-dimensional overlapping construction of the twin bridge creates a rich expression at the front.

  • Feature 02
    The temple which holds a hidden functionality in its simple expression

    The simple yet detailed β titanium temple creates comfort while effectively responding to stress. The βtitanium temple designed with a well-calculated curvature and a range of thickness that concentrates the flexile portion towards the front part prevents negative warpage while reassuring its hugging silhouette.

  • Feature 03
    Lens shapes that expand one’s styles

    The front lens shape can be selected from Type A and Type B, which converts its style of S-698T from octagonal style to crownpanto style and of S-699T from square style to a deep rectangular style.


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