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S-880T is a metal brow style with an impressive and beautiful flowing silhouette. The three-dimensional curve from the front to the sides creates a shape that effectively wraps and hugs around the head. In addition, the exquisite cut applied on the frame diversify its appearance depending on its angle viewed. Furthermore, it can be customized to SP (sports) specifications for enhanced comfort even during activities. The new style that symbolizes Four Nines will further expand our connections with new audience.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Front with three-dimensional curves

    S-880T consists of a front style composed of three-dimensional, elegant brow bar. It is composed of a unique construction that keeps the lens away from stress by reacting the brow bar. The precise cutting design applied on the temple that stretches from the brow bar accentuate its impressive style. Four Nines’ ideal frame balance is achieved with the hugging silhouette that uses the entire body of the frame.

  • Feature 02
    The integrated brow bar

    While configuring the front parts and sorting out the functions required to each part, the rim and the brow bar are made of an integral part to enhance its functional elements. Despite its half rim design, the rim made of β-titanium secures lens to position while catering to different lens prescription and lens curvature. The brow bar that stretches from the rim are designed with a range of thickness, fixed firmly at the bridge from the front. This effectively reacts to stress applied to the frame, ensuring the hugging feel using the whole body of the frame.

  • Feature 03
    Customization to SP specifications

    By changing the end-tip to a straight end-tip imposed with a silicone texture on the inner surface and also by changing the nose pad to an optional silicone part, it can be fully customized to SP (sports) specification to enhance comfort and stability during sports and driving activities.


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