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S-925T series

S-925T series features a flat texture unique to a sheet metal. A unique three-dimensional style is realized in the harmonization of the sheet metal and the double front structure. The frame balance has been further improved while inheriting the style of S-820T series, the Four Nines’ earliest sheet metal model. Suppressing the original floating lens design, the smart and beautiful expression that creates a sense of unity delivers connections with more audience.

Features & Functions

  • Feature 01
    Double front structure that enhances the sense of unity

    Double front structure with a sense of unity, consists of two front layers; the face front and the inner front. The face front made of sheet metal releases stress using the whole body of the frame interconnecting with the Gyaku-R hinge and the temple. At the same time, the inner front that is placed behind the bridge ensures lens to not interfere with the source of stress while also being widely responsive to different lens curvature and prescription.

  • Feature 02
    The frame balance achieved by the Gyaku-R hinge

    An ideal frame balance is achieved by the sheet metal front which ensure further durability, which at the same time raises the effectivity of the Gyaku-R hinge to its optimal performance. This works together with the face front, which reacts flexibly to any stress that passes the Gyaku-R hinge. The interrelation of the front and the temple ensures the frame to hug around the head using its whole body, creating an outstanding comfort in a prolong use.

  • Feature 03
    Four Nines sheet metal

    S-925T series creates the harmony of the flat texture unique to a sheet metal with the three-dimensional look created by the double front structure. The decorations on the front endpiece are outlined by press molding, and the colors are selected between shine and matte depending on the frame tone. This is a series that stands out from the rest of the sheet metal style, a style which represents Four Nines’ pursuit of functionality.


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